The Adventist University of Central Africa: Beauty Out of Ashes


Abel Ngabo Sebahashyi
Adventist University of Central Africa, Rwanda


The book is talking about an Adventist institution of higher education that was born, grew, rose to greatness, then fell, closed, reborn,  and is now at the top.

Founded by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through the Trans-Africa Division, Adventist University of Central Africa had promising beginnings at Mudende, Rwanda in Central Africa. Unfortunately, its rapid progress was of a short duration (1984 – 1994: ten years) because it was followed by a free fall led unavoidably to its closure.

After a long and difficult history of surmounting seemingly impossible difficulties (1994 – 1996: 2 years), the university took root at Gishushu, Kigali, Rwanda.  After narrowly escaping closure, AUCA at Gishushu was allowed to continue its activities by Dr. Humberto Rasi, Director of Education of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

From being surely the smallest of the Adventist campuses, unworthy of hosting so much as a kindergarten, it now hosts on of AUCA’s most modern buildings and has expanded to a second campus.

Dr. Rasi’s blessing, Roy Ryan’s prophetic word, the Presidential gift of paving the AUCA’s road, the prayers and dedication of those who have guided the university over the years, and the blessings of God, have enabled AUCA to overcome all obstacles and receive an invitation from Government of Rwanda to open a new medical school, which has now been established as the seventh such institution owned and operated by Seventh-day Adventist and the second in Africa.

The book is addressed to all Adventist believers in general and to leaders of Adventist institutions of higher education in particular. Through the book, the author would like to emphasize the promise of God as it is written in Zechariah 4:6. However great the difficulties will be on our path, we are assured by this promise: “For is not by mighty or by power, but by my spirit, says the LORD of hosts”.


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June 29, 2023