Fundamentals of Guidance and Counselling: A Handbook for College and University Instruction


Prisca Jepchirchir Tarus
Laikipia University
Jeniffer C. Barngeny
Lenna Jelagat Kurui




This handbook has been developed to assist University lecturers, teacher counselors, university students and any other scholar seeking knowledge and skills in guidance and counseling. The handbook is a rich source of knowledge and information on how to positively approach the challenges which people encounter in day to day life. Although much of the information has been derived from the author’s personal views and research undertaken, the reader is however advised to be creative and innovative to select the most appropriate method that suits the prevailing circumstances in order to address the challenges at hand. It is recommended as a very useful reading material not only for teachers and student counselors but also scholars as well.


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August 15, 2019


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