Thesis Writing: A Practical Guide for Students and Supervisors


Connie Mumma-Martinon
University of Nairobi


This book is unique among textbooks; it breaks academic ground by problematizing and structuring thesis writing with such skillful wrapping of scientific insight, epistemological dexterity, methodological finesse and realistic suaveness. The book purposefully presents the basic principles of proper engagement between students and their supervisors to better advance the common good of research. It provides sufficient arsenal that writing a thesis and completing is doable. The book simplifies the otherwise complex and murky areas of thesis writing with candid forthrightness that defies anecdotal perspectives. Many universities are full of orphaned thesis, where students abandon their work at various levels. This book offers a remedy by offering clear direction by scholarly pointing to the demands of the exercise, challenges and exposing solutions to improve the quality and completion of the thesis.


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March 25, 2022