The Royallite Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism


Iram Fatima (ed)
M. Subha (ed)


literary theory


Literary theory/ criticism is an umbrella term that encompasses all the literary theories. Literary criticism is basically the study, evaluation, interpretation of literature from various perspective altogether. Different Literary Theories are like lenses that aid and help the critics to study a particular text with the application of a particular theory. In a nutshell, we can say that theories act like lenses that helps us to dig deeper into the nitty gritties of a particular piece of writing. Literary theories are considered as a means to understand the different ways in which people read and interpret various texts. In other words, we can say that literary theory is the act of applying various ideas and methods while reading any piece of literature. Interpretation of a particular text with respect to literary theories provide a different understanding and different interpretation. We are able to read a text from an entirely different point of view. This is the beauty of reading a text when literary theory is applied on this. Literary theory also acts as different tools when attempting to understand any text of literature. Different theories applied to different texts from different contributors have been taken into consideration in this book.


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October 9, 2021


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